Why A Multi-Tool?

The Multi-tool: One Stop Shopping

If you have ever been in a situation where you do not have the right tool to tighten a screw, cut a branch from a tree while hiking, or something as simple as removing a sliver from your hand, then you may already know why a multi-tool (different tools included) comes in so handy. Tim Leatherman is the man we have to thank for his ingenious idea of combining a single hand held device with endless possibilities of tool service. He created a new industry now with constant competition. Because they are so versatile and easy to carry, multi-tools have been cited as life saving, as well as found in board rooms, and carried by men and women in all walks of life.

Lightweight and easy to carry

The multi-tool is compact and easily carried on a belt, in a pocket or a purse. You have almost every tool needed for most jobs such as wire cutters, clip-point and serrated knife blades, diamond coated file, wire strippers, regular and needle nose pliers, all sizes of Phillips screwdrivers, a can or bottle opener, a wood saw and scissors wherever you go. Both Leatherman and Gerber Multi-tools are backed by terrific warranties. Ladies love the mini multi-tools because of the small and efficient tool they are not to mention color choices.

Differences in multi-tools

There are similarities in both Leatherman and Gerber multi-tools but some interesting differences. Some Gerber multi-tools are accessed by opening the handles, but unique to Gerber is a system in which the pliers slide customizable multi tool  straight out from the end allowing the multi-tool to be opened easily with one hand leaving the other hand free. Leatherman parts are replaceable for upgrading or repair. Both Leatherman and Gerber offer different sizes and various combinations of components from the lightweight to heavy duty job requirements. Each multi-tool is designed for easy usage and operation. Research shows that most owners of these unique tools have more than one due to the diversity contained in each multi-tool.


Hopefully although the multi-tool has been used for survival at times you will never have that experience. But this tool of many uses has become one of the multi-tool industries’ most successful and most used inventions of our time, whether used in the great outdoors or in your home it is probably one of the most useful products available.


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